Have you ever heard the old saying, "early is on-time, and on-time is late"?

Welcome, Early Bird. You're right on time.

The new statistic is that due to the impact of the constantly-evolving use of technology across all industries, the modern worker will need to upskill or reskill every 4 to 6 years throughout the course of their career.

And that statistic is regardless of whether they'd planned to do that or not.

So if you're looking for low-cost ways to stay competitive in your arena right now, chances are you've already sensed that another change is on the horizon for you.

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A Digital-First Upskilling Strategy, Made for 2021 and Beyond

Even with the perceived increased separation between community members in this digital age, our lives are becoming more interconnected on a global scale.

Today, for the first time in human history, we can help people next door as easily as we can help people thousands of miles away - all in the same 15 minutes.

That means the way we communicate and cooperate today requires a modern perspective, fusing empathy with creativity and excellence.

What used to be a locally-sourced, decades-long, face-to-face working life, has now turned into a multi-screen, multi-cultural, multi-dependent work environment where people succeed not only through tactical competence, but through personal branding and social awareness as well.

Executives Without Soft Skills Are Going Obsolete

In my 15+ year career, I have indeed seen a lot. I have seen a lot of management styles, a lot of revenue streams, a lot of resource philosophies, a lot of creative approaches to problem-solving, and also a lot of ways to waste time and talent.

In past two years, we have heard report after report about The Great Resignation and The Great Reshuffle. One thing has become painfully clear: the management practices and career strategies of the 1900s will absolutely have to evolve along with the emerging hybrid work environment of the 21st century.

The Skills

We need to beef up our capabilities.

Time for Another Rapid Growth Phase. This Time You're Invited!

With an eye toward thriving in this new digital-forward landscape (where productivity is increasingly non-tangible), I'm going to assimilate enduring ideologies, instructional classics, emerging theories, progressive projects, and identify how timeless themes are being applied with new techniques.

It’s going to take accelerated expertise to round out my accumulated expertise, so I'm going to examine and assimilate the 7 components that make a modern-day Executive, from a 360-degree perspective.

I'm showing the process of evolving from Old School Manager to Modern Executive.

The Work

There's no growing without stretching.

Asking Questions Designed to Help You Too

Since my question-asking tendencies have been extremely useful throughout my career, what I'm doing here is answering the questions I haven't had the opportunity to ask, and uncover more, better questions along the way.

Questions like: is the old way still the best way? And, will the business advice that paved the way through the industrial era with aggressive environmental destruction and workforce exploitation, to the era of instant global collaboration guide us safely through the digital era with sustainable energy and amplified respect for human rights?

Be The Change And You'll Soon Be In Demand

Through this accelerated learning process, I'll be grappling with the influence of the past while sculpting and re-sculpting my vision for the future, and I consider that to be something – perhaps the only thing – worth talking about.

If a lateral move (you know - shuffling over to the same job in a different cubicle) isn't the exciting next step you had in mind, subscribe right now. Soon, you'll start to pull ahead of the curve in both the conference room and classroom.