Kicking this thing off with a hot take. The most impactful marketing and branding executives are consistently doing these three things:

1. Imagine 2. Build 3. Lead.

For every icon that has inspired you to pursue your creative strengths with their own achievements and approach to leadership, you might think each of those things comes naturally.

And to a certain extent, that is true. Every single one of us has the capacity to Imagine a future we want to see, Build expertise that enables that future, and Lead others with a purposeful stride toward the future. And every icon you have ever seen in every industry is, at core, one of us.

But if you're thinking you don't qualify as a leader, an influencer, or a catalyst, simply because you haven't been recognized for doing those things yet...

Truth Bomb: You're Already A Leader

Have you ever felt the ripples of an unintentional impact you made on a group (large or small) in the past? The mood around your work area became more tense, or perhaps more generous than it used to be, for example.

Friend, you have experienced the subtle effects of your own micro-influence. You have the power to consciously energize that influence to help you make an intentional impact wherever you want to see the world change.

You as an individual have that power in your friend or family group (which can change over time), in your local community, and beyond. Through her studies and writings, bell hooks elucidated layers of community traumas that had been overlooked in academia.

You as a rising executive have that power in your department, across your company, and across your whole industry. Gary V just set out to help his family's wine store survive a recession.

Your business has that power in the community, in your industry, and in the economy. Amazon used to simply deliver books through the mail, and saved many of my fellow college students from the disorienting sticker-shock of the campus bookstore.

I'm excited to meet you. We are going to do amazing things.

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